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    1. Multi-Way Valve@Pilot Control Devices@Brake Valve@Shift Valve@Reversing Valve@Hydraulic Valve Blocks@Hydraulic Balance Machine@Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

      Its main products are engineering, lifting, transportation and other machinery and car supporting hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps and gear pumps.

      Mobile WeChat Chinese

      Multi-Way Valve@Pilot Control Devices@Brake Valve@Shift Valve@Reversing Valve@Hydraulic Valve Blocks@Hydraulic Balance Machine@Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

             Sales hotline:0576-85182037

      Technical hotline:0576-85183757

      Keywords:Multi-Way ValvePilot Control DevicesBrake ValveControl valve seriesFarm valve series

      Product show & solution


      Long history: 39 years dedicated to
      manufacturing hydraulic components

      Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading global
      manufacturer of hydraulic valves and bumps, it founded in 1970.
      It covers an area of 200 mu, construction area of 100000 ㎡.
      It is a national high-tech enterprise and core competitiveness
      of China's machinery industry.

      Long history
      Technology leading


      Technology leading: advanced production
      equipment to fill the domestic technical gap

      Our company product high pressure hydraulic valve series project is starts.
      The project invested 210 million yuan, built forklift valve and excavator
      Valve, grader valve and bulldozer valve production line
      , accelerate the
      development of high-end hydraulic products, to fill the domestic.It is of great
      significance to realize transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


      Quality assurance: obtain multiple honors
      and multiple proprietary technologies.

      Company has enterprise technology center of zhejiang province, taizhou high and new
      technology enterprise r&d center, through increasing r&d input, r&d independently
      developed a series of core technology with leading domestic and international
      . The company has 49 valid patents, including 7 invention patents and
      2 national torch plans
      , which are patent demonstration enterprises in zhejiang province.
      Companies to participate in GB/T15623.32012, JB/T10371-2013 such as many
      national and industry standards
      , is the "national (industry) standards
      unit", passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the company
      brand in the "Linhong" brand construction machinery hydraulic valve was
      rated as brand-name products in zhejiang province.



      HeadlinesPrices for PP, PVC fall in May

      North American selling prices for polypropylene have plummeted since May 1, with suspension PVC prices making a smaller drop as well. The PP numb...【For details】

      To provide the world with more advanced engineering hydraulic components, to be a socially responsible enterprise

      About Us


      SANY Group Zoomlion Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. XCMG Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. HANGCHA John Deere Lonking XGMA SDLG BYD 斗山 杭齒 江淮重工 林德 山河智能 山推 紹齒 沃得重工 徐工集團 中聯農機 中聯重科

      Haihong Hydraulic

      Sales hotline:0576-85182037

      Technical hotline:+86-0576-85183757   Fax:+86-0576-85182843     Hydraulic valve | Map
      E-mail:haihong@cn-hydraulic.com   Add:199 Jinling Road,Jiangnan sub-district,Linhai,Zhejiang.

      link: LK valve Pilot valve Power brake valves Hydraulic valve Multi-valve Control valve Flow amplifying valve



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